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we know the value of each customer that you have

covering your company with a carrier who knows your needs

In Greek mythology

IRIS is the personification of the rainbow and messenger of the gods.

a new brand in VOIP Business



it is believed that we can excel the entire TERMINATION solutions.

to lose less and earn more and even more advantages with CALLIRIS

VoIP Telecommunication mobile cell phone

in all VoIP Carriers


years experience of IT, Programming, VoIP, Telecommunication and Network administration causes CALLIRIS starts its journey. Very new Ideas cause CALLIRIS advance fast.

We have a pathological obsession to do anything beyond quality possibilities

We are interconnected with numbers of client and have access to best Traffic for every single destination

Our flexible payments method gives you the reason to be sure about your business safety.

Wholesale VoIP Traffic

Strong interconnections all over the world, use of our own network to deliver quality traffic to many countries in Asia, America and Europe. Calliris supports traffic to all possible destinations worldwide gaining rely on more and more customers every year and is ideally suited to support you with A-Z termination into local PSTN and GSM networks. Calliris has reached contracts with many national operators and is able to offer unique rates to individuals and businesses.

Top-Quality VoIP Support

Calliris stands by you from day one, even doing a setup for you.
Our customer support is available 24/7.
look to us for technical support, consultation, and best-practice

Because of what you read upper we choose this name.


to support and serve the GODs.

VoIP Telecommunication mobile cell phone

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